What We Do? 

We provide an extensive range of event photography services 

for corporate and commercial events mainly in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt,

but we also accept assignments anywhere in Europe.

Our highly experienced and specialised team of professional photographers and videographers are skilled in documentary photography, edit and post-production, video production and live streaming, multi camera documentaries, multimedia clip productions and more.

Photography and Video services for corporate events in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. We deliver high-end visual solutions for corporate clients.


Reportage style documentation

We offer: 

  • Multiple Photographers
  • Edit & Post-production
  • On site edit & Post-Production
  • Media Protection
  • Slide Show
  • Fast Delivery


Video documentation

We offer: 

  • Multicam documentation
  • Live stream
  • Interviews and testimonials
  • Edit & Post-Production
  • Sound
  • Time-Lapse


Souvenir for Gala dinner

We offer: 

  • On site print
  • Different backgrounds
  • Few Print Sizes
  • Company’s logo on the prints


Short highlights  – clip

Built from:

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Sound
  • Music

Documentary Photography

Our documentary photography services involve highly specialised techniques to tell stories about an event,

place or issue by photographing people in their natural environment.

The goal is to take shots as discretely or unexpectedly as possible so that the subject is unaware of the camera and doesn’t alter his or her behaviour.

Our documentary photography services include

multiple photographers for a single event, edit and post-production for special visual enhancements (both onsite and offsite), as well as slideshow productions.


Our documentary video services are similarly focused on storytelling,

but in video format for more engaging delivery and higher branding visibility on social media platforms.

Under videography, our services include

multicam documentaries, live streaming of events, interviews and testimonials, edit and post-production for special video

and sound enhancements, and also time-lapse video productions.

Photo Booth

For special events such as gala dinners, we provide a Photo Booth service which functions as a mobile photo studio

with professional flash equipment, accessories and a portable background system. 

The self-operated Photo Booth allows your guests to take fun group photos as unique souvenirs of the event, 

with the added bonus of your company’s branding on the photos

Photos taken with the Photo Booth are printed on-the-spot with different backgrounds and the company’s logo on the prints.

Multimedia Clips

Ideal for easy sharing on social media platforms, short multimedia clips are a great way to summarise the highlights of your event.

They are also easily embedded onto your website for branding and content purposes. 

These short and snappy clips, usually between one to three minutes in duration, are produced using a creative montage of photos, videos, sound and music.

Need More Information?

Organising an event and wish to find out more about our services? Drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.